Reenacting is a fun and rewarding hobby. Whether you portray famous historical figures or your own fictional character, reenacting is a form of time travel for those of us who feel they were born in the wrong era. However, reenacting can be overwhelming and very expensive. I hope through this blog to help those new to the hobby, or even those veteran reenactors, to enjoy reenacting without breaking the bank. Blog posts will address things like developing your character, traditions and etiquette for different time periods, and affordable but accurate clothing options. So step back in time to days gone by...

Monday, April 18, 2011

Having a Ball...

on the USS Yorktown.
This was the first Ft. Sumpter Soiree ball which was held on the lower deck of the USS Yorktown.
The music was provided by "Unreconstructed."
There was a great deal of dancing...
time with friends...
and a little bit of conversation.
Hubby and I had a lovely time.
But as the evening drew to a close we all bid adieu and headed home with sore feet and warm hearts.


  1. Dear Kim,
    Very charming event!
    Love the beautiful dresses and all the handsome character the Gentlemen exhibit.

    Wishful thinking here.....would be great fun to participate in such an event!

    Glad you have shared the moment.
    God Bless and may you have a blessed Easter,

  2. What a wonderful time you had. The dresses are just gorgeous.


  3. What a delightful time. Monday I am doing a post on our civil war dresses. we are taking lessons and will go to , two civl war balls this year which I can not wait for. We jsut have a bit of sewing to do for some of my sisters.

  4. That looks like so much fun! The gowns are all so beautiful. It would be so nice to go to a ball, but my husband has two left feet. :-)


  5. Oh Kim what a Glorious event! You look stunning, and your hubby very dapper!(You are a Lovely couple) ;-)
    I really enjoy all of your pictures!
    Many Blessings Linnie