Reenacting is a fun and rewarding hobby. Whether you portray famous historical figures or your own fictional character, reenacting is a form of time travel for those of us who feel they were born in the wrong era. However, reenacting can be overwhelming and very expensive. I hope through this blog to help those new to the hobby, or even those veteran reenactors, to enjoy reenacting without breaking the bank. Blog posts will address things like developing your character, traditions and etiquette for different time periods, and affordable but accurate clothing options. So step back in time to days gone by...

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Scarlett and Rhett...

at the Beaufort Film Festival.
After several weeks of preparation Scarlett and Rhett appeared at the gala for the film festival this evening.

 Of course, we weren't the only stars there!
Everyone from James Dean to Diana Ross to Captain Jack Sparrow showed up.

 But I must say Captain Butler was my favorite:).
What a charmer!
After spending the evening greeting film festival attendees it was time to return to our true selves...
which for me is none other than...
Scarlett, of course!
But I won't think about that today.
I'll think about that tomorrow.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Gone With the Wind...

but not the budget!
For those of you who have followed my blog for a while you may remember that I made a replica of the infamous BBQ dress that Scarlett wore in GWTW.

Today I decided to make the coral necklace that Scarlett wore with the dress.
I went to the annual jewelry sale at The Red Door thrift shop this morning and found several coral colored beaded necklaces and earrings to use for the project.

I studied the necklace carefully (I surfed the Internet and watched the movie again:) and although the one I made is not an exact copy I think it is a good replica.
I took apart the beaded necklaces and earrings and reconfigured them into the florettes seen on the orignial necklace.
Then I added the chain with swags.
The original has three chains but I went with two.
And here is the finished project.
For about $4 I was able to create a pretty good replica of the necklace Scarlett wore to the BBQ at Twelve Oaks.
I will be working on the hat this week and will post pictures when it is complete:).
Until then, don't let your budget be gone with the wind-find creative ways to achieve the same impact without spending a fortune.