Reenacting is a fun and rewarding hobby. Whether you portray famous historical figures or your own fictional character, reenacting is a form of time travel for those of us who feel they were born in the wrong era. However, reenacting can be overwhelming and very expensive. I hope through this blog to help those new to the hobby, or even those veteran reenactors, to enjoy reenacting without breaking the bank. Blog posts will address things like developing your character, traditions and etiquette for different time periods, and affordable but accurate clothing options. So step back in time to days gone by...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Welcome to My Blog!

Welcome to my new blog about historic reenacting!
I thought I would do my first post explaining a little bit about the main character I portray,
a very wealthy Victorian era lady.
Miss Emma is the daughter of a very wealthy Englishman who fell in love with her mother, a Charleston belle.
Emma only wears the finest and most beautiful of gowns in the Paris fashion.
I am of the opinion that if I am to pretend to be someone from another era that person should be weathy and wear the prettiest dresses!

I am very blessed to have a dear friend, Christine, who also happens to be a talented seamstress.
She makes most of my gowns:).

This is my 'curtain dress' (what can I say, we all have a little Scarlett in us:).
The skirt is made from Walmart shower curtains.
The bodice is made from velvet curtain panels also from Walmart.

Hubby portrays a wealthy Victorian gentleman.

Sometimes hubby and I portray Jane Austen and Mr. Darcy.
Needless to say, I never know who I am until I see what dress I'm wearing!
Thanks for visiting-I look forward to meeting others who love history and reenacting like we do!
Come back again soon to learn more about this wonderful hobby:).