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Saturday, April 9, 2011

150th Anniversary of the Civil War

Although the official anniversary of the firing on Ft. Sumpter, which triggered the four year bloody battle between the states ,is not until this Tuesday April 12th, Ft. Moultrie was swarming with reenactors today as  preparations for the upcoming battle were portrayed.
This is Moutlrie House which is across the street from Ft. Moultrie.
It is currently the headquarters for General Beauregard and our gathering place for the day.
As you can see orders are already arriving. 

 Soldiers gather across the street at the fort.

 The General's desk filled with documents about the impending battle.

 We crossed the street to attend the ceremony to present the flag that several of us sewed (see previous post).

 The president of the PSRS (in blue dress) was to present the flag to the Colonel.

 Roseanne stands behind Louise as the flag is given. Roseanne was the project coordinator.

 The flag is then presented to the troops.

 Those of us that worked on the flag gathered for a picture.

 The men raise the flag...
 as the trumpet sounds...
 and she flies proudly in the Lowcountry breezes.

 Back at headquarters Louise serves lemonade on the porch.

We sit for another photo.

 And then spend time relaxing in the coolness of the shade.

Later Louise served tea.

Along with the tea where a variety of sweet delicacies which all enjoyed.
Thanks for spending the day with us at Ft. Moultrie headquarters.
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  1. It's like going back in time. Wow! Looks like it was a beautiful day for it too. SC

  2. Neat! This was fun to see everyone all dressed up in the beautiful dresses!!! So pretty.

    Enjoyed my day,

  3. You all look wonderful. What a lovely way to commemmorate the event!

  4. Thank you for posting such wonderful photos!