Reenacting is a fun and rewarding hobby. Whether you portray famous historical figures or your own fictional character, reenacting is a form of time travel for those of us who feel they were born in the wrong era. However, reenacting can be overwhelming and very expensive. I hope through this blog to help those new to the hobby, or even those veteran reenactors, to enjoy reenacting without breaking the bank. Blog posts will address things like developing your character, traditions and etiquette for different time periods, and affordable but accurate clothing options. So step back in time to days gone by...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

150th Firing on Ft. Sumpter

At 6:45 this morning Ft. Sumpter was fired upon by reenactors just as it was 150 years ago today.
The feeling at Moultrie House, General Beauregard's headquarters, was somber early this morning with soldiers quietly discussing the impending battle.
Campfires glowed in the encampment...
while men stood on the wall awaiting word...
and others stood watch on the beach.

Meanwhile, we enjoyed breakfast as the impending battle brewed.
Being good southern ladies, breakfast was accompanied by mimosas.

Then the first shots rang out startling all who were close by...
except for one brave pelican.

The chaos of battle thundered from Ft. Moultrie, Patriot's Point, and Ft. Johnson.

Flags billowed in the strong morning breezes as men stood ready for battle...
while others sat at the water's edge awaiting commands.

And still we watched.

As the sun made its ascent soldiers continued their preparations.

The fate of Ft. Sumpter hung in the balance.

We headed back to the porch of Moultrie House to chat about the battle and work on needlework.
As we enjoyed the cool spring breezes the battle raged aroound us with the sound of cannons echoing throughout the day.


  1. Oh my goodness! I would love to be there! You took some fabulous photos to go along with the history. Everyone looked wonderful.

  2. Fantastic pictures! I can't wait to see the others. I especially like the silhouettes of the men and them standing on the beach. Love your outfit!

  3. Now I was not there for all the fun but wish I had been. I could have even worn my civil war dress. Thanks for following me. I love your blog.