Reenacting is a fun and rewarding hobby. Whether you portray famous historical figures or your own fictional character, reenacting is a form of time travel for those of us who feel they were born in the wrong era. However, reenacting can be overwhelming and very expensive. I hope through this blog to help those new to the hobby, or even those veteran reenactors, to enjoy reenacting without breaking the bank. Blog posts will address things like developing your character, traditions and etiquette for different time periods, and affordable but accurate clothing options. So step back in time to days gone by...

Friday, March 11, 2011

Battle of Broxton Bridge

Last weekend was an 'event hopping' time for us.
After attending the Battle of Gamble's Hotel on Saturday we attended the Battle of Broxton Bridge on Sunday.
This battle took place later in the war therefore we dressed down a bit.
The Battle was amazing lasting nearly an hour and was portrayed wonderfully!
After the battle we wondered down to the swamp where much of the original battle took place.
It is amazing that such a serene and beautiful place was once the site of bloodshed and battle.
Thanks for joining us for the Battle of Broxton Bridge.


  1. Grand pictures indeed! Thanks for sharing the time travel :-)
    Blessings Linnie

  2. The photos are just incredible! I love the mist and the guy shooting and flying thru the air. Amazing! Your costumes are great too. I especially like both of your hats - don't think I've seen them before. Too cool!

  3. They must have a lot more battle reenactments where you live than we have up here. It would be nice to see. Does your husband ever portray a fighting soldier? Very nice photos!


  4. Awesome battle shots. I am really enjoying your post especially seeing your husband portay a civillian as well. My husband has no desire to play war. Glad to see he is not the only one.
    Loree Ellis