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Monday, January 30, 2012

Battle of River's Bridge

Lynn and I attended the Battle of River's Bridge this past weekend.
With an hour and a half drive to the site I waited until arrival to put on my hoops and skirt:).
Many of the ladies were camping and invited us for tea and a sewing circle.
Lynn and me.

After a while we decided to stretch our legs a bit so we took a stroll to see the old cabin.
A lovely lady shared the history with us.

Meanwhile back at the campsite Miss Louise continues to set out refreshments for the ladies.
But what's that on the table?
A closer look reveals an antique bottle of Coke, of course!
(Oops, someone left it there accidentally-good thing we caught it before anyone noticed)!

Nearby a sentry keeps watch over the grounds.

 But enough of all this hardship stuff!
We left the campsite for a respite at a nearby B&B where Miss Jeannie and Miss Laura invited the ladies to tea.
The B&B was beautiful and gracious. For more on this lovely place visit
We recieved a gracious welcome to this lovely old home.
An elegant staircase led to the elaboratly decorated rooms upstairs.
Lynn and I pause to have our likeness taken. 
 A lovely spread of tea sandwhiches and sweets await us in the dining room.
 Ladies at tea.
 After tea we visited before saying our goodbyes.
Miss Jeannie bids all adieu!
 And that's the end!


  1. Loved it! Dresses were beautiful and that house, wow! BTW, what's the punishment for leaving a bottle of coke on the table? SC

  2. hahahaha....i laughed out loud at the end!

    So neat that you shared this fun event. I enjoyed seeing inside this world for a few minutes.